When I was a kid, I always wanted to get into comic books. But, I always found it difficult to do. Where do I start? Which ones should I read? It was always difficult for me to jump into the middle of a story arc of a comic. Especially since the only previous history I’d had with the characters was with the Saturday morning cartoons that had introduced me to the characters. I’d pick up a comic book and have no idea what was going on. I gave up on the idea.

Then, in 2010, DC Comics announced that they would relaunch all 52 of their titles. This was my chance! This was my opportunity to start at the beginning. To get in on the action from the start and fall in love with the comic books. And, that’s what happened. But, I’m still what I would call, a comic book newbie. I can’t tell you the back story to all the main comic books. I can’t tell you several main character’s names off the top of my head. I’m still learning.

So what does this have to do with me starting a blog? Well, it’s simple really. I thought that maybe there was more people out there like me. People who had always wanted to get into comic books but didn’t know where to start. So, this blog has been created with two purposes. One, is to introduce new readers to comic books. To help them get into it. And secondly, to help me guide myself through the experience by creating a community that I hope will be a mix of new readers and experienced ones. I hope to learn just as much as I teach, if not more.


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